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ZONING - Each municipality regulates properties with varying rules and requirements. For both the commercial and residential property owner, these varying state, local, regional and municipal codes, ordinances and laws can be quite onerous and become a potential minefield to the unwary. Our practice specializes in obtaining relief from these governmental bodies for proposed construction and new uses or, in many cases, to legalize what already exists. Usually, this process involves our representation of the property owner at a public hearing before the municipality’s Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) to obtain the necessary permits, approvals and variances necessary to obtain or legalize the desired structures or uses.

PLANNING - To develop, subdivide or improve property, municipal regulations govern that which may done on the site. Planning boards and commissions govern such intricate details as parking, access, curbing, lighting, drainage and more. With Mr. Abbate’s expertise and vast experience, we are able to shepherd developing properties through the municipal approval process for the successful development of land.

LAND USE AND MUNICIPAL LAW- The interrelationship between neighboring properties – and even the development of sites under municipal regulation – frequently involve the need for complex and intricate agreements, covenants & restrictions, easements, rights of way and contracts. These are often necessary to protect one’s property rights beyond the realm of simple municipal regulation. Not only may such legal instruments be necessary among property owners, they often are required to be filed with Town, County and New York State agencies.

CIVIL LITIGATION - Mr. Abbate is an experienced litigator in all areas of the firm’s practice. He regularly appears in the District and Supreme Courts of the State of New York, the Appellate Division and the Court of Appeals, our State’s highest Court. Litigation is a necessary part of any practice of law and, in these areas of expertise, may be essential in order to preserve and protect a client’s rights and interests.

REAL ESTATE- One of the most important functions of an attorney in this area is to represent the property owner in the purchase or sale of real property. This is true for commercial transactions as well as residential properties. The zoning, planning and municipal concentrations of our law firm, coupled with Mr. Abbate’s many years serving as attorney to municipalities across Long Island, allow us to recognize and address issues that would otherwise remain undiscovered. Our practice has been involved in hundreds of such transactions, successfully bringing them to fruition.

COMMERCIAL LEASING - Projects are presented to various municipal boards and agencies with the goal of developing a site for commercial use. Upon commencing projects, the firm engages in the negotiation and consummation of leases for the establishment of long term, blue chip tenants at project sites.

BUSINESS FORMATIONS - The establishment of corporate, partnership and other business entities is a valuable and often necessary tool for individuals forming their business and for experienced business persons and landowners who need to protect their other investments. We work with our clients in choosing the most appropriate business formation to suit their needs and to ensure that the laws of the State of New York work to their greatest advantage.